Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you take requests?
Absolutely! This is a time to celebrate and enjoy the evening with your friends and family, and their (and yours!) requests give their input into the party. You, of course, have the final say over the types of music you want.

Q: How long should my reception last?
While many things will influence the duration of your reception, generally 5 to 6 hours is plenty of time to include all the formalities and ensure a pace that allows both you and your new partner to enjoy the night. Remember that the reception will in many chances be the first that your friends and family will be able to offer you congratulations. The photographer may also require additional time for more pictures.

Q: Do you use CD’s or computer based MP3’s?
We use a combination of CD’s and MP3’s. All of our MP3’s are legal digital copies of our own CD’s, encoded by us at a high quality bit rate. With over 3,000 CD’s and 20,000 unique songs, the ability to quickly find the song you want is just a few key strokes away!

Q: Can I meet with the DJ before my wedding date?
At Smokin' Entertainment, we believe this to be very important. At the very least, we will meet with our clients at least one time face-to-face a month before the wedding to discuss and confirm all the details of the reception. We are always available to help answer any reception related questions – in person, over the phone, or by e-mail.

Q: Why are there such price differences between DJ’s?
Just like car prices, the price range can be significant. While everyone may want the “Cadillac” of professional entertainment at the lowest price, you must be careful when discussing your event with potential DJ’s. Ask many questions, and shop around. Never feel pressured into booking with the first company you talk with. Smokin' Entertainment is priced competitively with many other disc jockey entertainers. With us, you always receive professional entertainment services at a reasonable cost.

Q: My cousin/uncle/friend said that he/she could play music at my function, so why pay for a professional dj?
Many times, the entertainment for a reception or party is one of the last items booked. While certainly, in this digital age, anyone with a fast Internet connection and a laptop can have literally thousands of songs available, that does not always mean that they can provide entertainment. Music certainly provides the vehicle for the festivities, but a professional emcee/DJ drives that vehicle, giving the party a direction. Bride-to-be’s spend months (even years) planning their wedding day – from the invitations to the dresses. So why trust just anyone (no matter how good a friend they are) to lead the party? Besides, this allows them to have just a good of time with you!

Q: Do I tip the DJ?
As with any tipping situation, it depends on your impression of how the DJ performed for you and your guests. Typical tips are anywhere from $25 - $100, depending on how much dancing there was and how the guests enjoyed themselves. As with any situation, tip as much (or as little) as you feel comfortable.